Headstones & Gravestone Memorials Chester

Discover our exquisite range of headstones and gravestone memorials in our Chester and Wirral showrooms. All our headstones are tailored to honour your loved ones with utmost reverence. At Heritage Stone in Chester, we pride ourselves on over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in the art of stonemasonry. We cater to the vibrant communities of Chester, Wirral, West Cheshire and North Wales.

All our skilled craftsmen possess finesse and dedication to their work. They are fully equipped to create the ideal traditional headstone memorial for your cherished family member. Immerse yourself in our diverse collection of headstones and gravestones. All are thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of your loved one’s memory.

Things to consider

Selecting the final resting place in Chester requires careful consideration, as each location may have specific regulations pertaining to bespoke headstone memorials and grave adornments.

Adhering to the highest standards, our headstones and gravestone memorials comply with the strict criteria set by Churchyards and cemeteries across the UK, ensuring suitability for 95% of Church of England, Catholic, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim and Hindu burial sites.

We always recommend verifying with your chosen burial site before making any final decisions. Be assured however that our elegant and understated headstone memorials are poised to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Chester Cemeteries

  • Chester’s cemeteries and crematorium serve as the final resting places for the people of the city.
  • Chester offers a variety of burial and cremation options in locations with both historical and modern significance.
  • The city has four notable cemeteries; Blacon, St Giles, Overleigh Old Cemetery and Overleigh New Cemetery.

Heritage Stone serve Chester, Wirral, North Wales & West Cheshire. Please contact us to discuss services outside of these areas and we will be happy to assist where possible.

Our dedicated skilled stonemasons

We specialise in creating personalised and fitting cemetery memorials and gravestones for customers in Chester and surrounding areas. Our team of skilled stonemasons is dedicated to designing and crafting unique headstones that truly honour and remember your loved ones. We understand the significance of finding a respectful and meaningful way to commemorate your loved one, which is why we work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure your ideas are implemented in the most touching manner possible.

Headstone installation, safety and cemetery rules

  • In cemeteries with continuous concrete foundations, headstones can be erected on lawn graves immediately after burial.
  • If the headstone is placed directly on the excavated area of the grave, there may be a settling period of about six months, depending on ground conditions.
  • Grave owners are responsible for ensuring the safety and stability of the headstone to avoid posing any danger to the public.
  • The Council maintains cemeteries in a safe condition, but it is not responsible for guaranteeing the workmanship of memorial masons.
  • It is recommended to obtain an insurance policy for the memorial to cover accidental damage, theft, or vandalism.
  • Headstone size and fixings must comply with cemetery rules and regulations.
  • Fencing or edging is not permitted around lawn grave spaces to prevent hazards for cemetery visitors.


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