Lawn Memorials in Chester

Lawn memorials are generally a modern and contemporary take on the traditional headstone design. At Heritage Stone in Chester we caringly create our lawn memorials in the most elegant and modern designs. We work closely with you, our clients, to reach and exceed you expectations.

A family business

At Heritage Stone everything we do is to provide comfort to you our customers. We are a family run business in Chester & Upton. Our dedicated expert memorial advisors are here to listen, comfort, help and guide you through the memorial process.

At Heritage Stone you will find the perfect lawn memorial to suit you and your loved ones needs, and fit with your requirements perfectly.

Our Lawn memorials

Memorialize your loved one for eternity with a beautifully carved lawn memorial made from your choice of stone, colouration, and design. We are certain that our team at Heritage Stone will provide you with the perfect Lawn memorial for you and your loved one.

Below you will discover a showcasing of our craftsmanship and the elegance of our designs.


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Showing all 6 results